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Audio Advertising: The Key to Brand Trust and Safety

In making any purchase decision, several factors are considered, such as price, quality, and product suitability. However, one critical factor that determines whether consumers patronize a brand is trust. According to a survey by Harvard Business Review in 2021, more than 80% of consumers consider trust a crucial factor in their buying decisions.

Unfortunately, only 34% of the respondents trusted the brands they use. Therefore, marketers must find ways to build trust among their target audience to stay ahead of the competition and win over more customers.

Audio advertising is an effective way to build trust with potential customers, and brands should invest in it as part of their marketing strategy. A survey by Acast showed that audio platforms, particularly podcasts and radio, were perceived as the most brand-safe by consumers. By investing in audio advertising, brands can establish higher trust levels with their audience, leading to more converting customers.

One reason why audio ads build trust is that they evoke more emotions and engagement than other forms of advertising. According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, audio ads drive 21% more strong emotions than visual ads and 50% more emotional peaks than visual ads. The unique opportunity that audio advertising presents is the ability to cut through digital clutter and ensure that listeners hear the message.

To make audio advertising more effective, brands can create an organic connection by having the host read the ad message. Podcast listeners trust their favorite hosts, and this deep, organic trust presents a unique opportunity for brands to form a strong connection with their target audience. Edison Research found that podcast listeners prefer personalized ad messages read by the host over pre-recorded ads. Listeners perceive the brand message as an organic part of their listening experience when the host reads it, making it feel more authentic.

The intimate nature of audio entertainment, especially podcasts, naturally generates trust. Brands can leverage this trust to gain new customers and build a loyal following. Soundrise can help brands forge mutually beneficial partnerships with audio storytellers to create great experiences for listeners.

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