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Busylike founder interview in 'Founders in LA'

Founders in LA podcast featured Vadi Efe, CEO of Busylike, discussing their platform connecting entrepreneurs and corporate excutives with podcast and video creators for interviews.

  • Vadi Efe, CEO of Busylike, is the guest on the Founders in LA podcast.

  • Busylike matches entrepreneurs, corporate executives and their brands with audio and video creators for interviews.

  • They work with podcasters and YouTube channels to facilitate ad placement, branded content, and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Vadi Efe’s journey as an entrepreneur started with a music platform and later included a chat platform, which was acquired.

  • He moved to California to explore entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • Busylike addresses the challenge of connecting brands with niche content relevant to their target audience.

  • They received funding from Sunstone Investments and are part of the Long Beach Accelerator.

  • Networking and collaboration with industry experts were key to securing funding.

  • Vadi Efe highlights the importance of creating value to attract investors.

  • Los Angeles, being the entertainment and tech capital, offers unique experiences, such as encounters with celebrities like Tim Ferriss and impromptu Green Day concerts.

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