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Some fresh inspiration in the world of technology and business - podcast suggestions

Check out these seven must-listen podcast episodes released in the last 24 hours:

1️⃣ ‘OpenAI’s Sora-The Larger Impact No One Is Talking About’ on Everyday AI

2️⃣ ‘The Regulatory Clock Is Ticking for TikTok’ on TechCrunch Equity

3️⃣ ‘Generative AI for Healthcare’ on AI in Business

4️⃣ ‘Seeking Funding as a Black Founder’ on Living Corporate

5️⃣ ‘Quantitative and Qualitative Wins in B2B Marketing’ on MarTech Podcast

6️⃣ ‘Secrets to Successful Professional Relationships’ on Pivot

7️⃣ ‘Google’s Flagship AI Model Gets a Mighty Fast Upgrade’ on WIRED Business

Don’t miss out on these thought-provoking discussions!

Tune in now and elevate your knowledge.

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