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Partner Spotlight: Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

We just signed a special deal with one of the top podcast shows from Evergreen Podcasts portfolio- to sponsor the world’s most popular podcast for senior talent acquisition and HR professionals, representing an important client.

The Recruiting Future Podcast is the world’s leading podcast on Talent Acquisition and regularly appears in the Chartable Global Business Top 100 chart.

The Recruiting Future Podcast showcases practitioners who are successfully navigating the fast-changing world of talent acquisition. They aim to move the industry forward by demonstrating what successful evolution looks like.

With a focus on the future, the podcast covers topics that include talent acquisition strategy, employer branding, technology, automation, marketing, diversity & inclusion, culture, experience and the future of work.

The Recruiting Future Podcast seeks to inspire future leaders by giving them access to inspiring stories and cutting edge thinking from the front line of talent acquisition. They also regularly feature thought leaders from the wider business world with ideas and experiences that spark the imagination and drive change. They aim to inspire and educate the next generation of talent acquisition leaders.

The Recruiting Future Podcast is a platform to discover new and diverse voices in the industry. They want to build a community where everyone feels welcome, supported and comfortable sharing their experiences.

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