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Sunstone Management Invests in Businesswise to Expand Ad Marketplace and Drive Growth

In an exciting development for the digital advertising industry, Sunstone Management has announced an investment of $150,000 in Businesswise, a rapidly emerging podcast ad marketplace. Sunstone Management is a diversified private capital firm based in Irvine, California that invests in early-stage tech entrepreneurs.

This injection of funds will boost the overall funding of Businesswise to $250,000, enabling the company to enhance its capabilities and create added value for brands with a B2B target audience. The objective is to foster partnerships between brands and B2B creators who are professional opinion leaders, capable of making a remarkable impact and assisting brands in expanding their client base.

Businesswise aims to revolutionize the way brands connect with their B2B audience by leveraging the power of influential B2B creators. In today’s digital landscape, where trust and credibility play a pivotal role, partnering with opinion leaders and professionals in a specific niche can significantly impact a brand’s growth potential.

With the investment from Sunstone Management, Businesswise will be able to expand its ad marketplace and implement key enhancements to deliver an exceptional user experience. The startup will be part of Long Beach Accelerator’s 6th cohort. The infusion of capital will facilitate the development of cutting-edge technologies, advanced targeting algorithms, and seamless collaboration tools, ensuring that brands can identify and collaborate with the most suitable B2B creators.

B2B creators, as professional opinion leaders, hold a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their fields. Their content creation skills, coupled with their extensive network of industry professionals, provide brands with an invaluable resource for establishing credibility and driving growth. Businesswise recognizes the potential of these creators and aims to empower them by connecting them with brands that share their vision and values.

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